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“Conscientious, honest, responsive, those are the words that come to mind to describe the Kell Group. Because their billing system is transparent, you know exactly what's going on at every step of the process, no surprises. I trust the integrity of the information I get about my business from the Kell Group, plus the reports are relevant to my practice, giving me information about how my practice compares nationally.”

Mark M. Mitros, MD
Physiatry (Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation)
Wexford, PA
October 2007
Billing Client Since November 1999

“The Kell Group understands cost management in a practice environment. They are always looking for ways to increase efficiency and are the most knowledgeable billing service I've ever talked to. But it's access to Kell's technology, which is very up-to-date, that has really made the most difference for us. They save us from having to continually re-invest in costly technology, hardware and training.”

Charles Koliner, MD & Melissa Clutter, Practice Manager
Southwestern PA Pulmonary & Sleep Medicine, Ltd.
Pulmonology & Sleep Medicine
Washington, PA
September 2007
Billing Client Since May 2003

“Kell Group makes it possible for Washington Hospital Critical Care Associates to provide ICU and CCU care 24/7. Managing our moonlighting doctors' accreditation and insurance provider registration is a critical task. Without constant vigilance and persistence the highly specialized critical care we provide would go unbilled. The Kell Group is tenacious and efficient in gathering and processing all the information needed for billing and insurance provider enrollment compliance.”

Michael J. Roney, CFO
The Washington Hospital
Critical Care Medicine
Washington, PA
October 2007
Billing Client Since January 2004

“We had a great billing team in place when we engaged the Kell Group. Denials were not a major issue but, as a growing practice of seven physicians having five offices covering four counties, managing insurance enrollments required significant attention to detail and a concentrated effort to stay on top of the varied requirements. That's where the Kell Group came into play, streamlining the effort and producing the detailed reporting that we needed. In addition to managing our enrollments, the Kell Group provides ongoing consulting and support to our billing team and has fine tuned our in-house billing processes. We are now a "finely oiled machine"!

Carolyn Shumaker, Business Administrator
The Orthopedic Group, PC
Orthopedic Surgery
Belle Vernon, PA
July 2008
Consulting Client Since September 2005

“Our billing/revenue problem was a gradual erosion of our income mostly from denials. At first, it was just a few unpaid claims and denials, but, every year, the amount of lost revenue from denials grew. Finally, a major change in how claims were processed resulted in a $30-40,000 drop in our revenue. Suddenly, we were losing money and it wasn't due to lack of patients.

The Kell Group helped us by changing our approach to denials. Donna helped us be more organized and disciplined with the office financial processes, how we coded our services, and, this was the most important change, we made a commitment to pursue every penny that was owed to us.

Better organization, more frequent invoicing, and following a rigid billing process allowed us to contest denials and have the right information to backup up our claims.”

Frederick B. Doerfler, Jr., MD
Internal Medicine
Kittanning, PA
July 2008
Consulting Client Since October 2006

“Before the Kell Group, our accounts receivable revenue didn't nearly match the amount of work we were doing. The problem was bad information collected at the source, processing errors, and not billing for all procedures we did. We were working harder, but our income was stagnant. Kell Group's reports and analysis identified the problems and targeted intake, communication between the front office and billing department, and follow-up as key issues. I'm back to feeling like a doctor, because now I'm able to focus on my patients while the Kell Group takes care of collecting revenues for the practice.”

Alvin J. Wostein, DPM
Pittsburgh, PA
July 2008
Billing Client Since September 2007

“The Kell Group totally overhauled our whole billing system. Kell assisted us with the planning of our electronic system conversion and re-organized our Billing Department. Instead of splitting the work of our 20 offices by location, we now handle our billing by functional area and type of insurance. We are processing and collecting on claims quicker, which has allowed staff the focus and time to systematically follow-up on unpaid claims. Follow-ups had previously been relegated to when staff had "spare time," which they rarely had. Our days in AR went from 80 down to 40 and staff morale went up as the stress of working in chaos was relieved. Plus, now that we really can track individual productivity, we've discovered some of our staff are truly outstanding and have been able to recognize and promote our best workers .”

Alan Henson, President & Nicole Henson, Controller
OSPTA Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation
Charleroi, PA
August 2008
Consulting Client Since March 2007