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Medical Billing

Improve collection ratios: The Kell Group looks at every aspect of your medical billing process and initiates proven 'best practices' to maximize collections, reduce A/R, and improve cash flow. On average, the Kell Group increases their physicians' collection ratio 10-12 percent, raising revenues by $10,000-12,000 per every $100,000 of billing.

Analysis: By monitoring daily work processes, fee schedules, and A/R reports, the Kell Group quickly spots, investigates, and corrects problems areas. Invalid CPT codes, uncollected co-pays, and other revenue impairing problems found through daily postings and month-to-month comparisons are fixed before the next cycle of billing.

Insights: Reimbursement trends, changing CPT codes, and bundling and unbundling of billable services, can have major impact on your revenue. The Kell Group, through its familiarity and daily interaction with the intricacies of medical billing, has the information and insight to advise how these many variables will affect you and your practice today and in the future.