Kell Group, LLC. - Medical Billing and Consulting

The Kell Group

Medical Billing Fees

Our fee structure is designed to keep your practice's overhead costs level while improving accuracy of claims submission and timeliness of insurance follow-up.

Fees typically range from 8% to 15% of net medical revenue (the monies actually collected on the practice's behalf). The percentage varies by specialty and is based upon claim volume versus return considerations. To prepare a proposal and to estimate an equitable fee, we review your practice's previous 12-month history of charges, payments and adjustments, by financial class, if possible.

In situations where there is no practice history, we offer an hourly fee.

Set-up fees and the cost of adding your practice file to our medical billing software system vary, based upon the level of programming required and the time the Kell Group expends aligning your practice with insurance carriers.


Billing contracts are typically negotiated in 24-month increments. Though the Kell Group can quickly transition the functional aspect of the billing processes, it takes multiple billing cycles to fully learn a practice, align all processes and to begin advocating on your behalf. To fully realize the benefits of the transition and to recoup start up efforts requires 24-months.

Alternate contract terms are available.

Consulting Fees

Project fees vary according to scope; some are performed on a flat fee basis. Hourly fees are dependent upon type of service performed.