Kell Group, LLC. - Medical Billing and Consulting

The Kell Group

Consulting Service

The Kell Group offers consulting service with a focus on the medical billing, revenue, cash flow and reimbursement-the key factors that determine the strength and health of your practice's finances.

Mergers, practice splits, and expansions: Billing stability through all of these events have legal and financial ramifications. Accurate A/R valuations, appropriate links between tax identifications and insurance provider numbers, and a comprehensive billing and A/R transition plan are essential to keeping your revenue at an optimal level during a significant change.

Analytical Billing Review: The Kell Group, with their advanced and in depth knowledge of medical billing and the software that powers it, can distill the massive amount of data your billing system collects into intelligence on which you can act. End of day/end of the month reports along with revenue and cash flow reports are indispensable tools for sound day-to-day decision-making and for future plans.

In-house Billing System Design: The Kell Group's 'at-a-glance work flow' billing method was inspired by the smooth, efficient processes of modern manufacturing. The process is visual and intuitive, a dynamic billing 'machine,' that allows practice managers to see progress and easily spot any problems in the billing cycle.